My work is to see momentary portions of Nature revealing the ineffable Presence we sense in all our experiencing. The Ever Present Divine, Without and Within. All very inexplicable....


Becoming a Nature Photographer...

To know when a seed is planted by Nature - how to do that?  But we can  easily see when it is sprouting.

My life as a photographer of Nature began in 2012, when I returned from New Mexico to a Chicago suburb to share (with my older Brother) the responsibilities of care for my aging Father, who had suffered a fall on a staircase in his home. My Mother "graduated" this life in 2005, leaving my Dad alone.

As we attempted the rehabilitation of a frail 91 year old ( a WW II veteran of the South Pacific theater)  my need for personal restoration became intense - so I took walks in a local Nature Preserve. Returning with talk of the beauty I had seen - it was suggested I take a camera along on my walks.
At first it was captivated by interesting rocks, tree bark, and light through the forest canopy; then reflections in ponds and puddles and on ice, and more recently clouds.  

When my time with my Father was completed by his passing, I returned to New Mexico and rented a little house on Canyon Rd - in the historic Art District of Santa Fe.
Across the way lived Joie, with her 10 year old daughter.

I transformed my living room into a photo gallery - showing about a dozen of my photographs printed on canvas and paper in various sizes. Some months passed before good fortune led me to invite Joie into my "solo exhibition" living room.

We made more and more time for ourselves, until we devoted ourselves to One Another, Nature, and the Fine Art of Photography.

May these images invite you to see the wonders of our World - existing within each of us - as we find Sublime and Healing Beauty in our Nature.

Welcome to our Art Gallery.

We look forward to being of service.
Joie and Curtis


Ansel Adams


1989-1995 Ph.D. - Medical Philosophy - Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Curtis H. Jones

The artist at work

Collective Expositions

2013 I participated in a few public exhibitions in the Chicago suburbs early in my career. I preferred to develop other directions for exhibiting my photographs. Downers Grove, Illinois, and environs, Illinois, United States

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