Fine Art Nature Photography by Curtis H. Jones
Pure Nature


The seed of Curtis H. Jones Photography began in 2009, when Curtis H. Jones, Ph.D. (Medical Philosophy) returned to Chicago to care for his Father, Mr. John D. Jones, who reached the grand age of 93.

With a request to capture and share the beauty of his daily restorative walks - Curtis passed hours walking in nature with a camera - still, being with the landscape around him - and seeing through the camera’s eye. In the four seasons, we can experience the moods, dances, depths, and vibrancies of nature and natural life all around us — and within us.

Curtis and Joie met while each living in the historic art district on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM ((actually. as neighbors! ). With pure love for one another, nature, and the fine arts - in the harmony of our interests we found Life and Livelihood - and our Photography Gallery was born.

It is our desire that these images invite you to see what is perhaps invisible to busy eyes and minds… …yet, exists within each of us - as we find Sublime and Healing Beauty, in our Nature.

Joie and Curtis

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