IMPRESSIONISM IX: "Green in Blue", Ltd. Ed. 1/12 - Med Can

28x35x1.5 in ~ Photography, Digital Photography, Non Manipulated Photography

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New Impressionism Fine Art Nature Photography

A soft impressionist image of a stand of pine trees - reflected in a sky blue pond, in suburban Chicago. A special photograph found while on an afternoon's walk. A painterly reflection of Nature.
The delicate texture and nuances of soft light create an introspective, Visually Meditative Mood-Scape.

No Digital Enhancement....Pure Nature - Fine Art.

You will find a unique vision of Nature Photography.....
and immerse yourself within enrapturing, subtle Aesthetic Worlds.
Discover the Magical within the Obvious.

* Gallery Wrapped Archival Canvas
* Ready-To-Hang
* Archival Pigment Ink
* Clear, matte UV coating allows for light cleaning

* Printed upon Order by a Taos, NM, Master Printer
* Custom side-panel coloring is selected by Curtis to harmonize with each image.
* Titled,signed, and numbered by the artist on reverse.
* Certificate of Authenticity - Hand-Signed by the artist.
* Free, tracked, and insured shipping worldwide.

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