MACRO NATURE: Rock Lines 1.9, Large Canvas

27.3x41.6x1.5 in ~ Photography, Digital Photography, Non Manipulated Photography

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Macro Nature Photography - Rock Lines 1.9
In Zion National Park, Utah, there is a preponderance of rock walls above, and huge slabs underfoot, all are evidence of those ages of Time that were passed prior to this particular surface becoming the “present” appearance to us, who are here seeing it for a moment. These are the “Designs of the Ages” we see when we have a look at any expanse of rock. I enjoy this vast perspective – it returns me to feeling every moment that slides through me..

* Gallery Wrapped Archival Canvas
* Ready-To-Hang
* Archival Pigment Ink
* Clear, matte UV coating allows for light cleaning

* Printed upon Order by a Taos, NM, Master Printer
* Custom side-panel coloring is selected by Curtis to harmonize with each image.
* Titled,signed, and numbered by the artist on reverse.
* Certificate of Authenticity - Hand-Signed by the artist.
* Free, tracked, and insured shipping worldwide.

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