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Photographs of landscapes often seem to show all there is to be seen. These pictures reveal instances that suggest.....our imagination then rules.... No digital enhancing or filters were used in creating these images. They are, Pure-Nature Fine Art.

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Clouds are our over-world. the ‘roof’ to our world. Watch them – they can be strangely easy going, gradually paced – here while moving on; and, clouds may be roaring past the world in haste. Subject to the whims of the wind – clouds seem ephemeral and unanchored – and they are. And, in the long light of evening, even the most threatening storm clouds become soft and glowing. Clouds flow as if they are a ghostly river in the sky. Clouds show us the great degree to which our perceptions of the

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Abstract Impressionism in Nature A variety of textures and subdued, soft colors. Here you will find images that are blending the edges of all the "separate" objects in Nature. It is a dreamy world of suggestion and mystery - where you are allowed the freedom to decide and feel what is before your eyes.. No digital enhancement is done on these photographs......truly - Pure Nature - Fine Art. Note: Repeated images indicate different sizes and/or media available for immediate online purchase.

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Infused with the essence of Classical Impressionism - Curtis' photographs impart the feelings of a moment in Nature - the nuance of colors, subtle dances of light, and varying textures - in New Impressionistic artworks.   Art Photography created without digital enhancing, ....Pure Nature - Fine Art. Note: Repeated images indicate different sizes and/or media available for purchase.

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In all the world, there is only one family of warm creatures, beings, having complete command of the sky - Birds. Hummingbirds and Eagles are akin in this. In Angel Fire, N.M. Raven's abound - from our windows we see them chasing one another around, very territorial they are. Crows have been made unwelcome here. Soaring, darting, speeding, meandering - all so freely! Blessed creatures. The forms they take in the various winged gaits they employ, and the grace with which they maneuver, reveal

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An abstract image seems to call to another realm of Nature - possibly a place of origin, or a destination reached....and the thing is, simply is....very beautiful.

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Black and White Photography Black and White images are, for me, a special expression - as form and line become more intense and imperative - free of the "distraction" of color. In Nature, "black and white" is not as rare as I would have thought. When it is sought after, it appears in a surprising variety of places. Some of these photographs are "almost" black and white - which they are - as the feeling of intensity and clarity of line and form is there in the image. No Digital enhancement or

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In Nature, flowers deliver Grace - and the intensity of transitory Beauty. Enjoy sublime beauty every day in your home, office, or business - amazing meditations in color and soft flowing form. Visually Meditative MoodScapes available in your preferred size & medium. Please CONTACT US via Link Above. Created without digital enhancing, or lens filters.....Pure Nature - Fine Art Note: Repeated images indicate different sizes and/or media available for immediate online purchase.

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This collection offers richly saturated artworks - in the colors of the natural elements and plants that make up Planet Earth. To look closely......."To see God in a grain of sand...." The images are created without digital enhancing, or lens filters. PURE NATURE - FINE ART Curtis' Macro Photography offers a natural broad range of colors - from the brightest statement pieces, to soft luminescent pastels, and peaceful neutral hues; with textile-like appearance, in the delicate lines of rock

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The magical twists in crystal clarity, and fascination with nature - unite in these artworks. These are photographs in which it seems something unusual is happening - and it is - Nature knows no limits in its presentation. Enjoy the wonder! BRING THE OUTDOORS "IN "and have your room come alive with natural beauty. No lens filters, camera motion,or digital enhancing employed to create these images. PURE NATURE-FINE ART

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This collection features photographs that are yellow to a high degree, and those photos in which yellow plays a major role.

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These photographs were taken along the California coast - from the rocky wildness of the north, to the gentle stretches of sand in the south. They are Pure Nature - Fine Art

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