BLACK & WHITE IX-a: "Matrices", Ltd. Ed. 1/12: Large Canvas

38x47.5x1.5 in ~ Photography, Digital Photography, Non Manipulated Photography

Buy the original : $2,499.00 + Shipping

Black and White Photography (IX-a, horizontal)
Beneath the low-hanging bushes on a pond in northern New Mexico - the sun cast shadows as the breeze raised small waves. The result is this tapestry-like image of watery motion....
Monochrome decor. Rich in rhythm and texture.
Revive, or enhance your space with New Classic nature photography - soothing black & white imagery.

Interior Design with an aura of nature.
No digital enhancing, lens filters, or camera movements.....Pure Nature - Fine Art.

Let the beauty you love be what you do." - Rumi

* Gallery Wrapped Archival Canvas on wood frame
* Archival Pigment Ink
* Ready-To-Hang - with installed cross-wire.
* Clear, matte, UV protective coating for safe, light cleaning.

* Printed upon Order with a Taos, NM Master Printer.
* Custom Side-Panel Color is selected by Curtis to harmonize with BLACK AND WHITE III.
* Signed, titled, & numbered by the artist on reverse.
* Certificate of Authenticity - Signed & Numbered by the artist.
* Delivered to you Internationally via 4 day DHL within 14 days of order.
* Delivered to you here in US nationally via USPS within 14 days of order.
* Your Large Canvas artwork is packed professionally & shipped in a wooden art crate.
* Free, Tracked, & Insured Shipping is included nationally and internationally.

We look forward to being of service in your interior decorating.
Joie & Curtis


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