IMPRESSIONISM I: "Water World" - Ltd. Ed. 1/12 - Med Canvas

28x35x1.5 in ~ Photography, Digital Photography, Non Manipulated Photography

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New Impressionism Art Photography

Impressionism photography, from the pond along side the Rio Grande River in northern New Mexico, where we lived for a time - this image is a reflection in late Spring when the vegetation is newly thick - creating a slightly surreal field of color - the blue sky shining between the grasses. A relaxing and joyful image for placement in any setting.

No digital editing, lens filters. or camera movements were used in creating this impressionistic image.
Pure Nature - Fine Art.

A Visually Meditative Nature MoodScape.

Printed on Archival Gallery-Wrap Canvas with custom-colored refined 1.5" side panels.
Hand-Signed and numbered by Curtis on reverse.
Signed Certificate Of Authenticity.

We print with a local Master Printer in Taos, NM USA. Hand-made stretcher frame.
Professionally packed and Delivered to you in 7 to 14 days!
We Ship Free in USA and internationlly - with tracked, insured, fast shipping.

Renew or enhance your space with an soothing palette of natural light-infused art.

"Let the Beauty you Love, Be What You Do." - RUMI

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